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AT&T Internet Speed Calculator

Discover the ideal internet speed for your favorite online activities.

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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

How do you use the internet, and how many devices does your household generally use at once? Use our internet speed calculator below to find your recommended internet speed.

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Check out the plan that matches your ideal speed.

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The Best Internet Speed for Gaming

Live and breathe video games? Then you know that ping (fast, buffer-free response time) is vital to your success. Slow ping = game over. From MMOs (Massively Multi Player) games to FPS (First Person Shooter) games, you need fast, reliable internet to be there for your team and get the shot the second you need it.

If you share bandwidth with your entire family, or have multiple gamers living in the same place, you need lighting-fast internet to keep up with everyone. Fortunately, with AT&T Internet 1000 powered by AT&T Fiber has you covered. Say goodbye to buffering enjoy the gaming success you’ve earned.

The Ideal Internet Speed for Streaming

Whether you’re the ultimate sports fan, a movie buff, a reality TV addict, or an all-around couch potato, you need lag-free streaming fast enough to keep up with multiple devices at a time.

Simply use the internet speed calculator above and enter the number of devices your household uses at any given time, and you’ll figure out the best internet speed for streaming.

The Right Internet Speed for Working Remotely

When working remotely, the last thing you need to stress about is poor internet connection. From video conferencing to emailing to instant messaging, the keys to a successful work-from-home day are constant communication and reliable connection.

Find the right AT&T Internet speed for a connection you can count on, so you can communicate just as effectively with your team from home as you would in the office.

Share the Love: Internet for the Whole Home

If you’ve ever waited until everyone else in your family goes to sleep to stream your favorite show, bickered with a roommate about using up all the bandwidth, and wasted precious seconds of your life watching the spinning rainbow wheel of doom—odds are your internet plan isn’t up to par.

There’s no need to fight over internet speed. Customize the perfect plan for you household and get enough bandwidth for all your household’s emailing, music streaming, gaming, web browsing, and social media liking needs.